Keeping the Ducati heritage alive by supplying top quality vintage motorcycles, parts and restoration services.


We perform full 'nut-and-bolt' restorations, but you can also come to us for an engine rebuild, part overhaul or service for your classic Ducati.


Of course any classic Ducati should remain in the best possible condition. Regular service involves the adjustment of valve clearance, oil change but also the adjustment of carburettors, and in some cases adjustment of the ignition system. We can perform this regular service in order to make your Ducati run the best it can.


Think of any part that is fitted to your Ducati and we are able to refurbish it for you; frame alignment or welding, crankshaft rebuild, carburettor rebuild, front fork overhaul. Contact us if you have any questions.


As we do for our full 'nut-and-bolt' restorations, we can also perform an engine rebuild for you. Classic Ducati engines are pretty complicated and need a lot of specific tools and knowledge in order of it to function the way it should. Please contact us if you have any questions.