Keeping the Ducati heritage alive by supplying top quality vintage motorcycles, parts and restoration services.


We regard every classic Ducati as a living being. Someone with a story to tell. Where it has been, what it encountered on its journeys, how its owners treated it over the years. The restoration of a classic Ducati is not just a matter of rebuilding and refurbishing. It is far more a process of leaving as much personality in the bike while bringing the technical condition to the highest standards.

To perform a good restoration is like walking a tightrope. With every single little detail we have to ask ourselves how to preserve it. It's easy to fit new parts but the challenge of the job is to really restore it leaving the patina intact. What we end up with is a classic Ducati in technically sound condition, not 'improved' but the way it was meant to be. A true classic, able to continue the story instead of starting a whole new one.

We have developed a phasing for restoration projects in order to build certain checks into the process and to maximize efficiency. These phases are:


When the bike is still together and (in some cases) running, this gives us an opportunity to see what needs attention in the final build and whether the frame and wheels are straight or need alignment. In this stage we also restore and weld the frame if necessary to have all lugs and brackets in the right place. We then test fit all of the bodywork so that it will fit without problem in the assembly stage.


We then dismantle the bike up to the last single nut and bolt. In this stage, all the necessary decisions can be made based on the judgement of each part while we disassemble the bike. A full list of parts needed for the job as well as an estimate about the workload for the project can be made in this stage.


Once we have judged all parts and have decided with you on the further restoration, we ship out to our carefully selected third party suppliers for chroming, polishing, painting and (wet)blasting.


Once we have all parts for the engine back from our suppliers, we start with the engine assembly. We perform all of the work in house, except fitting of valve seats & guides and boring/honing of the cylinders. We normally start with rebuilding the crankcase using our developed methods and parts. The further assembly takes place with the utmost attention to detail.


With the engine finished and the rest of the parts back from our suppliers we start with the actual motorcycle assembly.


The first start-up is always a special moment in any restoration. Depending on the model and the work done to the engine, we test-drive the bike to make sure everything is in 100% condition. Of course any adjustment needed will be made until your Ducati comes through our quality test on all levels.