Keeping the Ducati heritage alive by supplying top quality vintage motorcycles, parts and restoration services.


Ducati always has been very focused on the race track, building great racers resulting in an on-going list of achievements.  Although original factory racers are very rare, we have serviced, raced and restored several of them. To own a classic racer is to own a piece of history. This should be preserved as best as possible while using the bike as it was meant to be: on the race track.

As it comes to factory racers, we have extensive knowledge on both single and twin cylinder models from the 100 Gran Sport  ‘Mariana’ to the 888 Corse. We’d like to help you keeping your racer in optimum condition. Through our extensive network we might be able to find the original racer of your dreams. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Another possibility is to create a race replica for you to enter a classic racing series.  We have engines, frames and upgrading tuning parts available to build your perfect racer. Depending on the racing series you’d like to enter we can advise you on what to use. A single cylinder desmo or non-desmo? Wide case or narrow case? A round case twin or a square case? A Pantah TT1 or TT2 replica? How should the bike be tuned? Short tracks or long? Endurance events or a full year-round racing series?

How great is it to build your own Ducati racer? We perform racing upgrades, we build replica racers from our stock of original parts. And we restore and service original factory or NCR race bikes.  The process of preparation takes quite a while as we have to discuss every single details of your future racing bike. But we assure you that this process is fun in itself!

Next is the actual building of you racing bike. We have the skills and tools available to create the bike of your dreams. You will be kept posted on a regular basis and receive a photo book of the complete process once it’s finished.
Feel like entering a classic race series with a Ducati? Contact us and we can advise you on how to handle this and what racing motorcycle suits you best.