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7 June 2012 by Peter Hempenstall

A lovely story by one of our great customers, we would like to share with you:

Back in 1975 when I was 25 years old I ordered a 900 Super Sport Ducati from the factory in Bologna, my dad came with me as well as a mate of mine, dad bought an 860 GT and my mate bought a 750 Sport. My bike wasn't finished so we took residence in the local camping ground. We hung around the factory and got to know the mechanics building the bikes. I offered to help him finish it so we could be on our way on our trip around Europe, he agreed to let me help him as I am a toolmaker and had built up motors and worked on bikes a lot.

He had the motor nearly finished and I helped him finish the assembly of the bike. A part that I will never forget is personally putting on the engine seal on the crank! He tuned the carbs and started it and we both in turn tested the bike. I got to know his family and my dad and I had a meals at his home. Great memories. I also had the privilege of meating with Ing. Taglioni. At the time it wasn't a big deal but after many years and grey hairs I now appreciate fully my experience.

I still have my beloved Ducati and have looked after it like it was one of my family. Some say more so… The only thing I have done to it has been putting on a stainless high rise Imola exhaust system, i still have the original complete exhaust system put away in grease, but I really like the exhaust that's on it because it sound fantastic because both pipes are tuned lengths and beautifully made back in 1976.

The only other alteration has been the seat, when I was young and silly I had the seat covered in very dark blue leather.. The shape is the same as the original but I put on press studs instead of the zip. It looks great but considering the bikes value it will now be replaced by Back to Classics’s seat cover and padding set.

The crankcase seal is still in place and the bike’s done about thirty thousand kilometres from new, still looks great and the motor runs beautifully as it should.

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