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Ducati 750 Sport
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Make: Ducati
Model: 750 Sport
Year: 1972
Status: Sold
Condition: Well preserved
Registration: Italian

After extensive research we are absolutely positive this is a real 1972. Engine no. 750863, frame no. 751286, all data suggests this is one of the total production of 50 to 100 Ducati 750 Sports build in 1972. Something very special!

The state of this 750 Sport shows that there was no tampering with it. Almost all the specific features are there; the Lockheed brakes, mudguard without centre bracket, fairing with all the correct brackets, wide rear sub-frame, electronic Veglia rev counter, the two part front hub etc.

A few items are not original; the fuel tank will be replaced by a reproduction of the wider 1972 fibreglass fuel tank. The side covers are 750/900 Super Sport, but luckily, no addaptions to the frame have been made, so we can easily replace them with original type covers. Original Verlicchi headlight brackets are also available.

We have posted the expectation of this bike on our website a few weeks ago and the reaction have been overwhelming. It was sold to the first buyer after 1 day in our workshop. We are very sorry to disappoint so many people and hope to find more of these very special bikes in the future.

This Ducati 750 Sport will be 'patina' restored keeping all the individual specialties intact. The engine will be overhauled depending on the state of the inner pieces. So far it runs absolutely super, but that may very well be a sign that some parts need replacing. We'll keep you posted on the restoration.

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