Keeping the Ducati heritage alive by supplying top quality vintage motorcycles, parts and restoration services.


Back to Classics is an international company, a father-and-son team, specializing in all there is about classic Ducati's; motorcycles, parts & restorations.

We love the Ducati technology, the story, the racing pedigree and especially the Desmo and bevel-drive technology developed by Fabio Taglioni. Our long-time friend and Ducati racer Rob Noorlander was a big inspiration in starting this business. We see it as our mission to keep the Ducati heritage alive and we work every day to have the best parts available and to restore these great bikes to the standard they deserve.

We love to provide you with top quality motorcycles, parts and restorations focused at our Ducati bevel drive expertise. We would love to help you find your ultimate Ducati, and hope to help you bringing or keeping it on the road in splendid condition. Feel free to contact us with any question you might have.

Engine rebuilds, general restoration

Parts, general restoration

Security, general demolishing

Night watch